About “Check a Toilet”

What is “Check a Toilet”?

“Check a Toilet” is an internet project to build and manage a database of information on various toilets (restrooms) including wheelchair-accessible ones,those with baby rest(s) and/or nursing room(s),and those with parking facilities,based upon information provided by local governments and facility operators and also upon direct inputs by individuals,local NPOs and volunteer organizations.

Mission of “Check a Toilet”

What is necessary to realize the society where everyone can live free from constraint? Just take a quick look around.
Is there anything that is indispensable for your dairy life?
You will find it’s a “toilet (restroom).”
You may usually use a toilet without paying much attention.
However,wasn’t there any toilet that was very easy to use,or any toilet that was not very easy to use?
A toilet that is very easy to use for you will also be very easy to use for others.
A toilet that is not very easy to use for you will not be very easy to use for anyone,either.
How nice will it be if we can share such kind of information among all of us?
Mothers with small children,wheelchair users,and elderly people all worry about the toilet whenever they go out.
Don’t you think they can go out without anxiety if they can check the availability of an appropriate toilet in advance before or while they go out?
This website is intended to provide information about universal design toilets (UDTs ※1),in cooperation with people in various areas,who kindly offer us their toilet-checking results.
In this project,we aim at collecting UDT information not only across Japan but also around the world.

※1 Universal Design Toilet (UDT) 〔Please Seee the Glossary〕

“Universal Design Toilet (UDT)” is a toilet (restroom) designed for every user.
While the naming is different,there are various similar ones,including multifunctional toilet,toilet for everyone,multipurpose toilet,toilet for physically disabled people,and wheelchair accessible toilet. In this project,we call all these toilets “universal design toilets (UDTs)” with a view to unifying various kinds of toilet information into a “universally designed toilet information.”

Meaning of the name “Check a Toilet”

The above thoughts are the origin of this project.
There are three meanings in the word?“Check,” used in the name of our website.

Check 1 = Check UD toilets outside the home (Record)
Check 2 = Put UD toilet information marks on the map (Mark)
Check 3 = Check UD toilet information before or while you go out (Search)

☆This website is intended to promote the “universal designing of information (※2),” expand and maintain the “Check a Toilet” activities,and realize the nationwide “disclosure of local communities’ information.”

※2 Universal Designing of Information 〔Please See the Glossary〕

Lectures,awards,and publication of Kenji Kaneko,Representative Director of NPO Check


  • 2014/01/23Gave a special lecture at Graduate School,Meiji University 〔Sponsor〕Meiji University
  • 2013/12/19Gave a special lecture at Meiji University 〔Sponsor〕Meiji University
  • 2013/11/19Gave a special lecture at Aoyama Gakuin University 〔Sponsor〕College of Economics,Aoyama Gakuin University
  • 2012/11/13Gave a special lecture at Aoyama Gakuin University 〔Sponsor〕College of Economics,Aoyama Gakuin University
  • 2012/07/14Gave a special lecture at Toyo University 〔Sponsor〕Faculty of Human Life Design,Toyo University
  • 2012/05/28Gave a special lecture at Sanno University 〔Sponsor〕Sanno University
  • 2012/05/24Gave a lecture to Working Group for Toilet Normalization,Japan Toilet Association〔Sponsor〕Working Group for Toilet Normalization,Japan Toilet Association
  • 2011/11/18Gave a special lecture at Meiji University 〔Sponsor〕Meiji University
  • 2011/11/18Gave a special lecture at Waseda University 〔Sponsor〕Waseda University
  • 2011/11/12Gave a lecture at Yokohama International Toilet Forum? 〔Sponsor〕Japan Toilet Association
  • 2011/11/12Gave a lecture at Komono Town Social Welfare Meeting 〔Sponsor〕Komono Town
  • 2011/11/10Gave a lecture at The World Bank Information Center (PIC Tokyo) 〔Sponsors〕The World Bank Information Center (PIC Tokyo) / Japan NGO Network on Disabilities
  • 2010/12/26Gave a lecture at NPO Summit 2010 〔Sponsors〕Sonorite Co.,LTD. / United People Co.,Ltd.
  • 2010/11/12Participated in Kamakura Toilet Forum 2010?as a panelist 〔Sponsor〕Japan Toilet Association
  • 2010/10/30Gave a special lecture at Aoyama Gakuin University 〔Sponsor〕School of Business,Aoyama Gakuin University
  • 2010/10/23Participated in “Good Childbirth Day in Aoyama 2010” 〔Sponsor〕NPO Mother Life Association (Rakufam)
  • 2010/10/03Gave a presentation at Social Entrepreneurship Support Summit 2010.10.3 @ Waseda Univ. 〔Sponsor〕Social Entrepreneurship Support Summit
  • 2010/09/02Participated in YOKOHAMA SOUP “Reutilization of Community Resurces” as a guest 〔Sponsor〕Yokohama Social Entrepreneurship Support Project,Economic Affairs Bureau,Yokohama City
  • 2010/07/09Gave a lecture at Kanto Gakuin University 〔Sponsor〕Economic Research Institute,Kanto Gakuin University


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Awards Received